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Philosophy & Treatments

As «The Leading Healthy Living Destination» we have a distinctive culture which particularly focuses on people and their needs. Our ideals are therefore rooted in teamwork, collegiality, professionalism, mutual respect, and a commitment to progress. This culture shall make the Bürgenstock Resort in its privileged environment an ideal environment in which to practice medicine and care for our guests and patients.

Our ideals are the foundation upon which the «Bürgenstock Model of Care» is predicated. Integrated teams of multidisciplinary physicians and health sciences professionals focus on the needs of the patients and guests.
Medicine is far too complex for any one person to fully know. In the search for an accurate diagnosis and the recommendation of best treatment options for each guest and patient, our physicians from multiple medical specialties work close together in collaborative teams.

The best interest of our patients is the sustainable improvement of their quality of life. Therefore, our medical offers are dedicated to the fields of disease prevention, and sustainable health empowerment:

  • Diagnostic & Medical Check-up (medical clarificationsbased on state-of-the-art standards)
  • Mobility & Reconditioning (optimisation and restoration of moblity and physical fitness)
  • Body & Mind Balance (treatment of stress and burn-outs, support for work-life balance and preservation of mental fitness)
  • Weight Management & Lifestyle (weight management based on integrated concept consisting of exercise therapy, dietary and behavioural consultation)
  • Beauty & Healthy Aging (preventive medicine, aesthetic dermatology including cosmetics and laser treatments, as well as dentistry and dental prophylaxis)

A research institute dedicated to research in the field of disease prevention and health empowerment shall contribute to medical research and underpin our quality and position as «The Leading Healthy Living Destination».