A beer with a twist: The Bürgenbräu-Beer only at the Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne.

We introduce you to the newest addition to the Bürgenstock Resort signature products. The naturally clouded lager beer has a pleasant bitterness and refreshes your palate. When it comes to taste, the beer is more intense than a normal lager, and so it matches perfectly with several dishes served at the resort’s restaurants & bars. Our Culinary Team suggests trying it at the Lakeview Bar & Cigar Lounge with a delicious Wagyu Beef Burger.

Out of all beers, lager is the most consumed type in Switzerland. However, there are countless different styles and sub-categories. The history of this drink can be traced back to 4’000 BCE. With this past, it is no wonder, that there are many interesting facts about beer. Did you know for example, that the fear of having an empty beer glass is called Cenosicillicaphobia or that women were the first ones that brewed beer in the old Egypt? In Russia, beer is only considered alcohol since 2011. Before, everything with an alcohol content below 10% was labelled food. Back to Switzerland, because this is the country that has the highest density of beer breweries worldwide.


Regional, sustainable, and qualitative collaboration


With such a high number of beer breweries, our Culinary team has not hesitated to seize excellent opportunities to partner with some of the greatest breweries and launch an unique product.

In autumn 2018, Marko Versteeg, Getränke Lussi’s brewmaster, and the Culinary Team have started producing a refreshing, full-bodied beer. For the choice of the partner the focus was on promoting the region and local customs without missing on quality. Lussi Getränke reflects values consistent with those of the Bürgenstock Resort. It is a long-established family business based in Nidwalden. They do not fear change and innovation, which is why they invested in new beer production facilities end of 2017. This lead to the presentation of their first beer beginning of 2018. Sustainability and a focus on regional products is important for Getränke Lussi as it is for the Bürgenstock Resort.

You can enjoy a glass of our Bürgenbräu in all ten restaurants, bars and lounges of the Bürgenstock Resort. If you would like to enjoy a glass at home, you can buy the Bürgenbräu in our SkyBoutique.