In the cheese paradise

Switzerland and cheese - a guide to an original and lavish combination of abundant tastes. At the Bürgenstock Resort cheese deserves its place of honour.

The scene takes place in the Taverne 1879 - the smallest of the Bürgenstock Resort hotels with its own vintage wooden chalet style restaurant where Swissness is found at its best - hearty food and rustic charm with local touches. Thus, it is not surprising that it is in this place where the cheese gets its own chamber,  a place with a special temperature and optimum humidity, the Cheese Humidor. Here is where the Swiss beloved cheese finds the optimal conditions to mature and form its aromas properly.

Great cheeses mature well only in unique and special environments. Taverne 1879's Cheese Humidor, is nothing less than the perfect setting, at least 80% humidity and temperature between 10 to 13 °C. These balanced conditions suit both, the soft and hard cheeses during the storage time. Focus here is placed on areal products where large selection of Swiss cheese assortiments are offered. From "Nidwaldner Chueflade", a full-fat soft cheese made from cow's raw milk with a wonderful nutty flavour, over hard cheese, which consist of cow's milk from the Bürgenberg and is also produced on the mountain, to the “Sbrinz” - a true Swiss original – and much more. 

There is “secret ingredient” that is always added to cheese here. It touches the heart and last long in memory, the culture. With its traditional charm and its Alpine views, Taverne 1879 offers an exquisite and diverse palette for every cheese fan. It is best to make your cheese selection directly in the walk-in Cheese Humidor and enjoy a delicious cold plate in the cozy restaurant or on the sun terrace on warm days. The experts team will advise you on site and describe the characteristics of each variety.

Of course, the cheese assortment here includes as well the two Swiss classic main courses of cheese, the wonderful Fondue in different versions and on request with champagne or truffles, and the Raclette with at least five months matured cheese. We invite you to discover the cheese paradise in the Bürgenstock Resort!