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Cooking with the best

The world boasts an uncountable number of different cuisines, reflecting not just the huge diversity of foods and spices found all over the world, and not only the different approaches to cooking, but also the myriad cultures and traditions that touch on the conviviality of preparing and sharing a meal – surely one of humanity’s most fundamental joys. In 2019, we wanted to give our guests an exclusive chance to experience rare and different culinary cultures by inviting extraordinarily talented chefs from across the globe to come to the Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne and cook their signature dishes for us.

The EATSeries was born.

EATSeries 2020

In 2020, we carry on this tradition with a selection of master chefs from some of the world’s most celebrated restaurants. Come join us, and experience the flavours and aromas one of the most unforgettable dinners you will ever savour.



Dear guests due to current SarsCoV-2 outbreak and given the limited travel options, this event was cancelled. The new dates for 2021 will be announced in due time. 
Thank you for your understanding.


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Chef Wehrle & Friends

Chef Wehrle & Friends is a celebration of good food, the joy of modern cooking, the special camaraderie of a talented kitchen team, and – last but certainly not least – the conviviality of eating a wonderful meal together. All these things are combined again for a few glorious days in September at the Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne as we organize this extraordinary gourmet festival once again in September 2020.

It has only been a year since we put on the first Chef Wehrle & Friends in 2019, but since then our guests have clamoured for more. How we could disappoint you? We sense a tradition in the making.




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