The Bürgenstock Resort has now its own Swatch Destination Watch

Swatch honours the world's most beautiful travel destinations with its Destination Watches. With the latest release B-VIEWTIFUL, the resort is now in the spotlight of this collection.

Traveling to the Bürgenstock Resort is already an experience. Enter the MS Bürgenstock in Lucerne and cruise from Lucerne over Lake Lucerne to Kehrsiten. From there, climb the 500 meters with the Bürgenstock Funicular and arrive right in the heart of the resort. Enjoy the wonderful view on the high plateau, visit the restaurants and venture to the various viewpoints nearby. In addition, the Shopping Arcade invites you to linger. Swatch offers the perfect souvenir for this unforgettable journey: B-VIEWTIFUL.

B-VIEWTIFUL – the latest model of Swatch Destination Watches – represents the wonderful trip to the Bürgenstock Resort. With this release, the resort is in the spotlight of the collection, which represents the most beautiful travel destinations in the world.

This exclusive edition is only available on site at the Swatch Store in Bürgenstock  a trip to the Bürgenstock Resort is therefore worthwhile in several ways. If you have missed out the resort on your Swiss trip the watch can additionally be purchased at Zurich Airport Landside.

Combine your shopping experience at the Bürgenstock Resort with the unique arrival.


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