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History as a foundation

Historic Picture Gallery


The Bürgenstock Resort over the time

  • Franz Josef Bucher and Josef Durrer establish a factory for constructing wooden houses and parquet floors

    In 1864, Franz Josef Bucher founded a sawmill business with master carpenter Joseph Durrer, which was expanded in 1868 into a parquet factory and mechanical joinery. In order to obtain work for the carpenters and parquet makers, in 1869 the company built the Hotel Sonnenberg in Engelberg, selling it at a profit.

  • The then 31-year-old Bucher purchases the “Trittalp”

    Gifted with an intuitive understanding of the beauties of the Lake Lucerne region, Bucher scoured the area searching for a location to establish a hotel, finally landing on the then still unknown “Trittalp,” a meadow located on the ridge of the Bürgenberg. The Lucerne Corporation sold the Trittalp to the firm of Bucher and Durrer, who then renamed it the "Bürgenstock."

  • Opening of the first hotel in the Bürgenstock Resort: The Grand Hotel

    The Grand Hotel opened in 1873, although its name at the time was the Hotel Kurhaus, i.e. the “Spa Hotel.” From its very first days, it enjoyed high occupancies. To get a room in the Grand Hotel Bürgenstock, guests often had to wait two or three weeks in Lucerne.

  • Bürgenstock Railway

    The Bürgenstock Railway was opened: the first electric railway in Switzerland.

  • The Park Hotel is opened

    After establishing its own power station on the Engelberger Aa in Buochs, and constructing the Bürgenstock Railway in 1887/88, the Railway Station and Restaurant, as well as the Park Hotel, were built.

  • Liquidation of the business Bucher & Durrer

    After the liquidation of the business Bucher & Durrer, Franz Josef Bucher-Durrer is the sole owner of the hotels and facilities.

  • Construction of the chapel in the resort

  • The famous cliff walkway with the Hammetschwand Lift was built.

  • The Palace Hotel opens on the Bürgenberg

    Over time, the resort’s first two hotels, the Grand Hotel and the Park Hotel with their 340 beds, were less and less able to meet demand during the high season. So in 1903/04, the Palace Hotel was built, with 160. This brought the total number of beds to 500, not including the 200 beds for the resort’s employees.

  • Inauguration of the Hammetschwand Lift

  • Bucher dies, aged 72. His sons Fritz and Arnold take over the business

    On 6th October 1906, Franz Joseph Bucher, this prominent pioneer of the Swiss hotel industry, passed away. He left his sons a thriving, solid business. It was not until the drop in tourism caused by the war that the resort saw a decline in business. But by then, Bucher’s achievement had already contributed so much to the reputation of the Swiss hotel industry abroad – and the good name of the Swiss themselves.

  • Rebuild of the Bürgenstock Railway and new station building

  • Josef Durrer dies at the age of 78 years

    The Bucher-Durrer concern was close to bankruptcy middle of the twenties. The Bürgenstock Resort must be sold too.

  • Friedrich Frey-Fürst buys the Bürgenstock hotels

    He is employed as counsel to the family of Arnold Bucher, takes over the banks’ participation in the company and thus prevents the Bürgenstock from ending up foreign-owned.

  • Complete renovation of the three hotel buildings

  • Redevelopmen of the railway station and fountain

  • Opening of the golf course

  • Renovation of the Park Hotel

  • The German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer spends the summer months July and August for the first time at the Bürgenstock Resort and carried on official business from there

  • The Indian prime minister Jawaharal Nehru spent his first stay at the Bürgenstock Resort with his daughter Indira Ghandi.

  • After Friedrich Frey-Fürst death his son Fritz Frey will be the new owner of the Bürgenstock resort

  • Audrey Hepburn marries Mel Ferrer in the Bürgenstock chapel

  • Completion of the swimming pool and park

  • Comprehensive renovation of the buildings belonging to the Bürgenstock

  • Construction of the Spycher Club, which was used as a dancing in the past

  • Sofia Loren resides at a Bürgenstock chalet during several years.

    Sophia Loren came to the Bürgenstock for the first time in 1957. She lived with her husband Carlo Ponti in the Villa Daniel until the end of the 1960's and they became official long-term tenants. Later, the villa was also called "The Loren House".


    Additionally, in 1964 the whole movie crew spent a month at the Palace Hotel during the shooting of the James Bond movie Goldfinger starring Sean Connery.

  • Construction of new guest villas along and above the panoramic road.

  • Construction of the Bürgenstock Club

  • Opening of the Bürgenstock Club with restaurant, bar, wellness center and indoor swimming pool

  • All facilities and buildings are transferred to the ownership of Frey Holding AG

  • New construction of the Park Hotel and apartments "La Maison"

  • Re-opening of the Park Hotel

  • Total renovation of the Hammetschwand Lift

  • The fully electronically controlled cabin of the highest outdoor elevator in Europe goes into operation

  • The Park Hotel, Palace Hotel and wellness area remain open in winter for the first time

  • Complete renovation of the Bürgenstock Railway

  • The Bürgenstock Hotel AG, which belongs to Rosebud Hotels Holding SA, buyed the Waldhotel end of November 2006

  • A sovereign wealth fund from Qatar acquired the hotel facilities in 2007.

  • Development of the new concept from today under the direction of Bruno H. Schöpfer

  • Construction start with streets

  • 1. Design plan becomes effective

  • The label "Bürgenstock Selection" is established

    Bearing this brand name are the new Bürgenstock Resort, the Hotel Royal Savoy in Lausanne and the Hotel Schweizerhof in Bern

  • Re-opening of Restaurant Taverne with 12 new, cosy rooms

  • The owner company receives new company name and logo Katara Hospitality

  • Per 2013 70 of 75 building approvals have been received and over 120 Mio. spent in:

    - Planning work and approvals
    - Infrastructure work with Energy center
    - Panorama Residence Suites
    - 4.3 km construction of streets

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